Dissecting key reasons moderates support Trump

July 25, 2016

As a brief follow-up to my last piece which called for discussion with those who support Trump on the fears many of us have of a Trump presidency, here is my evaluation of the most common pro-Trump sentiments I’ve read and heard from moderate supporters of Trump as we approach the election.

*His experience:

He is a billionaire, something a lot of Americans admire and aspire to become. He’s ran businesses and hired & fired employees. A lot of folks want government whether local or national to be ran like a business. Actually it can’t be as political history and theory showcase—Alexander Hamilton in his cabinet position established the national debt by absorbing all state debt early in the history of this country in order to build the foundation of taxes and legislation that a federal government relies on in order to exist. But giving that the benefit of a doubt, let’s say running the country like an effective business is a good thing. Is Trump a good businessman as his supporters claim? He has filed bankruptcy four times to rid a company holding of debt, something not possible (or desirable) for national debt.  Even more damning, financial experts claim Trump would have been worth $10 billion MORE if he’d just retired 30 years ago and left his money in an UNMANAGED stock fund. Basically, Trump inherited a great deal of money and acclaim from his father and accomplished very little with it—the definition of privilege. So what experience does he bring to the office of President—years of experience working in reality television, ghost-writing a book whose real writer now regrets writing and admits was overblown and exaggerated, starring in McDonald’s ads and robbing business students through a for-profit Trump University scam. One of America’s best historians (Ken Burns, not known for being a partisan guy) recently called Trump the most unqualified person to ever run for President in American history. Keep in mind he’s up against (whether you agree with her policies and personality or not) a candidate who the New York Times (the most respected journalists in the country) has deemed the MOST qualified candidate to run for President.


*His “impressive” children:

After the convention a lot of folks were impressed with the speeches and composure of the Trump children. Hey, they are successful businesspeople too! Keep in mind just like their father they were gifted into a billion dollar business with titles and jobs the rest of their generation were by and large barred from considering. But if you are impressed with his children, give the credit where it belongs—to his ex-wives who raised those children as single mothers as Donald was off starting new families. Donald Jr. didn’t even build a relationship with his father until his adulthood when he began working for the family business. If you want character witness to Donald’s behavior look no further than his first wife Ivana who accused him of rape—but Donald didn’t get in trouble because then it wasn’t illegal to rape one’s spouse as his lawyer argued in court proceedings.


*He’s an outsider:

People are tired of politicians. They blame politicians for the mess we’re in. What blanket hate of politicians has caused is to lump all into one categorical same that ignores that the bulk of our current stalemates and halted progress are the results of tea-party candidates who ran on anti-government platforms and have accomplished nothing but opposition to progress. It takes an understanding of government, policies, foreign and domestic facts and communication to effectively govern. Do we want non-dentists to perform root canals? Non-Doctors to perform open heart surgery? No? Then why do we want an outsider with no understanding of the basic function and operation of government to hold the highest office in the land? What is not needed is neophytes and amateurs but good (as opposed to bad) politicians and Trump is not that.

*He’s a unifier:

I keep hearing this but I am flabbergasted as to how this is claimed with a straight face. Trump cares about Trump and Trump alone. He has proven he does not unify disparate communities in America. There are reports of terrified Hispanic children in public schools asking their teachers when the wall will be built and they will have to leave. He has called for a total lockout of Muslims immigrating to the US causing born and bred American Muslims to wonder of their place in a Trump America. He has called for punishment on poor women who seek an abortion. He has castigated Black Lives Matter and mocked a disabled reporter with horrendous hand gestures. He has encouraged the assault of protestors at his rallies. He vows to repeal the Iran nuclear deal undoing solid universally praised (outside of the US) progress. How is this man a “unifier”?

*He’s an end to Obama politics:

This one is indeed hard to argue against. His policies, if he is honest in enacting them (he’s been fact-checked as lying 91% of the time–http://www.politicususa.com/2016/03/31/ninety-one-percent-donald-trump-false.html) are in diametric opposition to Obama’s. He claims he will end the health care crisis by repealing Obama’s AHCA but that everyone would have healthcare anyway. Keep in mind the affordable healthcare act in its original robust form would have assured all citizens of affordable healthcare and that no one has been more critical of its scaled down and enervated form than Obama himself—every act of repealing it (as Gov. Bevin did in KY destroying Gov. Beshear’s Kynect program) has resulted in less coverage for needy people. The only way to solve the healthcare crisis is to insist on full and healthy implementation of a stronger version of the original policy. Trump also stands against Obama in acknowledging climate change with the rest of the world and working to preserve this planet for future generations. He stands against Obama in most things but sadly Obama stood for things that benefit most people and any failure he has had has in large part been because of stubborn opponents in the GOP. If we really want a robust economy, like the reverse of trickle-down economics and intrepid growth of Obama’s presidency but amped up to 100 then we must vote for progressive candidates at all levels of the House and Senate in addition to the Presidency to prevent filibuster. Obama will be judged by historians as one of the top 10 or 15 US Presidents in history and the failures of his time in office will be seen as a result of tea party opposition. A Trump presidency, if it occurs, will be judged much differently—as a scared and desperate turn from democracy to neo-fascism.

This is my analysis of the top pro-Trump arguments I see from moderate supporters of Trump, people who are not racist and nationalistic but see no way of voting for Hillary. I still await any valid debate against my claims of the dangers of a Trump presidency:

  • He is a bigot promoting bigotry
  • He advocates for the use of torture
  • He denies climate science
  • He is post-factual

And I’ll add one new one.

*You will know a man by his enemies:
The religious community, from Pope Francis to the leaders of the Southern Baptist Convention in addition to theologians of all stripes (Max Lucado to Brian McClaren), have spoken out harshly against Trump. The scientific community has strongly spoken out against Trump. The creative and artistic community has overwhelmingly spoken out against Trump. The charitable sector most strongly the refugee resettlement community has spoken out against Trump. All living former Presidents (both parties) and most of the strong candidates from previous presidential elections have spoken out against Trump. Who speaks in favor of Trump? His entitled children and Scott Baio?



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