The 10 Best Metal Albums of 2013

December 13, 2013

If you would like to read my overall top 10 album list and reviews of those albums, click here. This list is devoted just to Metal albums; coming soon are my “10 Best Hip Hop Albums of 2013” “Top 25 Songs of 2013” “Top 10 Films of 2013” and runner-up/etc. lists.

I have foregone the album reviews for these albums for the time being, I”m simply posting this with the picks themselves. I will edit this article at a future date to link upcoming articles pertaining to it in that I think the juxtaposition of the number 2 pick (by an open and wholehearted Christian band) and the number 3 pick (by a band wholly Anti-Christian) and the material, artists, and philosophies stretched out between those two polarities which populate the rest of the list is worthy of further examination. I also plan to delve more into some humorous aspects of my number 1 pick which exemplify what is best about the Metal genre and which is missed and misunderstood by those with no appreciation for it. Thanks for reading. More to come!


10) Lamb of God – As the Palaces Burn (10th Anniversary Reissue)


9) Metallica – Through the Never


8) Devildriver – Winter Kills


7) Autopsy – The Headless Ritual


6) Exhumed – Necrocracy


5) The Ocean – Pelagial


4) The Black Dahlia Murder – Everblack


3) Watain – The Wild Hunt


2) Norma Jean – Wrongdoers


1) Skeletonwitch – Serpents Unleashed

some seriously close contenders (seriously; the last portion of this list could easily be substituted for some of these b/c it was very, very close in this category this year):  Jungle Rot- Terror Regime; Chimaira – Crown of Phantoms; Carcass- Surgical Steel; Motorhead- Aftershock; Altar of Plagues- Teethed Glory and Injury; Gorguts- Colored Sands; Alice in Chains- The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here; Queens of the Stone Age – Like Clockwork


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