A Quick and Tired Stump Speech

September 10, 2012

I’m tired of those who completely ignore or refuse to admit facts. I’m tired of someone as intelligent and seemingly compassionate as Condleeza Rice standing up at the RNC and lying, or perhaps simply being wilfully misinformed, about climate change as she spoke about tapping into oil and coal to use “safely” in our own country when there is simply no way such a thing is possible. I’m tired of a man who could potentially become the next President of the United States gleefully shouting that he would triple the amount of US drilling if he can unseat President Obama. I’m sickened that someone like Clint Eastwood, who has always been a social progressive and an advocate of the environment, to drop all those previously held important positions out of misplaced economic fears. I’m tired of the moaning of the GOP regarding the financial burden we will place on future generations yet a complete silence on behalf of the environmental disaster we will leave the entire world with if we do not act now.

The environment has been an almost silent topic in most debates this year. Ironically, we are at a watershed moment in which the future of the world truly depends on our environmental policies right now. Which is scary considering a pair of hooligans like Romney and Ryan have a shot at the white house; Romny recently went so far as to call Obama’s plan to insist on more fuel efficient cars “extreme.” What’s extreme is a complete denial of all reputable science provided by every scientific body in the world that irrefutably shows our climate change is linked to our carbon usage. Most GOPers are just silent on the issue, assuming science is wrong even when a study funded by the uber-libertarian oil magnates the Koch bro’s to disprove climate change science resulted in a complete affirmation of human-caused climate change from carbon use.

There are other big issues; social issues, equality issues, war and peace issues, many issues that the GOP is far, far behind on as well. There are also candidates who offer much more progress on all of these fronts than either of the two big ticket candidates (I’m think of Jill Stein of the Green Party here). Yet sadly, when there’s no likely chance of success in the near future for an alternative party to win, when it comes down to a person and a party who are able to at least see the real problems and often try their best to tackle those problems within the system as broken as it may be, I’ll opt for that candidate and that party over the far-too-close for comfort option of Ryan and Romney who blatantly ignore facts and prey on the short memories of Americans who forget that our major current problems were caused by the “answers” these jokers offered up in the first place.

Here’s hoping we as a collective body are not too careless to look at actual, documented facts; facts about science and economics, even facts about  Romney’s less than exemplary and ethical record in the private sector. Here’s hoping we’re not too apathetic, too burned out by the idealism we gave our guy last time and the crashing reality of the broken political system we live with–we can’t tell ourselves neither side is any better than the other when there is a world of difference ideologically and practically between them. Thinking about the  way major American successes and tragedies of the past might have been handled by different folks than they were is enough to prompt consideration on the importance of having the right person for the job. Perhaps most of all, here’s hoping we’re not too lazy to get out and deliver this election to incumbent with a real hope for continued progress rather than reactionary, bigoted, violent global capitalism.


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