A Quick Update

November 15, 2011

This post is likely unnecessary since judging by the stats provided by my WordPress dashboard I have far less than 20 regular subscribers and most of my traffic occurs in reaction to specific posts based on searches related to those topics. But, for anyone who happens to regularly read this site regardless of the topic, I wanted to take a moment to say that despite almost an entire month of inactivity, this blog is still indeed active. I appreciate all readers, regular or sporadic, and I welcome all comments. Due to a lot of different factors as of late, my creative output is quite sparse. But I do plan to get back to at least weekly, preferably twice-weekly, updates soon. My current “God-shaped Hole” theological series is still 3-4 posts from being complete–the last entry can be found here and from there you can find links to all previous installments. I also realized that the final installment of my “30 Best Metal Albums of All Time” series has been past due for awhile so I’ll get that wrapped up soon as well; the last entry for it, part II, can be found here. Related to that, I am still taking any comments from metal fans and artists regarding religion and metal for the book I am still working on regarding metal music and culture in relation to theology and religion. The contact link for that can be found here.

That about covers it. Hope to have new material for any of you soon.


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