Research Request: Calling all Metal Fans

February 12, 2011

Okay, I am fishing for information here; this is an attempt at gathering research for a book I am working on about theology in the music and culture of Heavy Metal, 1970+.

Though the project is more extensive than this aspect alone, this portion could be a very integral component to the finished work. If you are a fan or performer, past or present, in any subgenre of metal music and are also interested in religion or spiritual matters–whether you consider yourself deeply spiritual, involved in organized religion, or vehemently opposed to religion, your opinion is valued.

If you would be interested in contributing to this project by answering a few questions, please drop an email to:

This work will look at the theology within the lyrics and music of all major metal sub-genres and the critique or acceptance of religion found within them; this work will also look at how the christian church in different decades and geographic locations has reacted to such music; the primary information being sought through this email request regards fan’s/performer’s own spirituality–did/does such music fulfill a spiritual need you feel you have? Does such music offer a valid criticism of particular expressions of religiosity to you?

Thank you in advance.


2 Responses to “Research Request: Calling all Metal Fans”

  1. dwhamby1 said

    Are you going to have a section on ‘hair bands’ and glam rock? 🙂
    I would submit DIO! One of my favorite metal bands of the 80s. I was a hard rock/metal fan from the 80s and loved the glam bands as well as harder stuff. Some bands started harder (Motley Crue) then went glamish. I think QUEENSRYCHE is another shining star from that era and they still do good music.

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