A Brief Note Concerning the “Tea Party” …. and a post-note about the NRA

April 16, 2009


I have to comment on the so-called “Tea Party” folks briefly. It has to be said that these folks are not revolutionary agents of positive change or a worthwhile cause in any way, shape or form. What they are doing is misguided, factually ignorant and irresponsible.  What’s surprising is that so many people of middle to low income are protesting and working so fervently for the best interests of much wealthier individuals to their own detriment. Virtually every tax plan of Obama’s is and will continue to make the middle class paid-in taxes less and benefits greater, yet these Tea Party individuals are largely comprised of the very people who can benefit from Obama’s plans.  It seems the wealthy have managed to get the poor on their side in every factor by sticking with them on guns, abortion and homosexuality. Fervent tea-baggers in various cities and small towns across the country rallied their city halls opposing Obama’s tax and economic rescue plan while sporting NRA* hats and pro-life shirts as well, that is some of the ones who weren‘t wearing Native American garb, New England colonial costumes or cloaked as a founding father.

I wholeheartedly support the rights of the protestors. I think government protest is valid, viable and often necessary. I laugh at the cause they are choosing to protest. I do find organizing in the attempts of causing a new president’s plans to fail, when the very act of those plans failing will negatively affect all of us, mean-spirited and ignorant though. Yet they can and should protest if they truly feel so strongly. It’s simply sad that they can’t protest a more worthwhile cause…the rising costs of healthcare and the bankruptcy caused by not having proper coverage by folks who can’t afford it in the first place…the senseless violence, greed, corruption and abuse that arises from factors innumerable. No, they have to protest the fact that it is time to pay taxes. Taxes go for roads, schools, postal service, libraries, Medicaid, unemployment benefits, etc. Yes they also go for wars and less noble causes as well. The battle should be over where and how those taxes are spent, so that they can benefit the people who need the most help, not just to reduce those paid by the people who can afford them the most.

Next time on this site, hopefully back on track. Theistic interpretations, Pacifism Problems, Underrated and Overlooked and Book Reviews. Thanks for reading.

*** ( Ah, the NRA.  As Obama plans his first trip personally to visit with Mexican government officials in regards to the escalating violence arising from the drug war, Mexico points a finger at us…in many regards, rightfully so. Over 90 % of the 12,000 assault weapons seized from drug cartels and Mexican street gangs were manufactured and sold in the US. The gun lobby in this country who fights restrictions on the sale of automatic weaponry have much of the share of the blood spilled with those weapons on their hands because they allowed them to be sold for simple, dumb greed.) ***


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