Yet More Proof that Albert Pujols is the Man

April 13, 2009


I can’t not mention the excellent performance given by the St. Louis Cardinals on Saturday. Albert Pujols, my favorite current player stepped up to the bat with bases loaded and effortlessly knocked a grand slam, driving in all runs. The Cards went on to win 11-2 over the Astros.  All in all, that’s a career high of 7 RBIs for Pujols on Saturday.
In fact, Pujols just might break a lot of records if he keeps this up, personal and historical. He ended last season leading active players in both batting average and slugging percentage, he’s already cracked the top 100 in career home runs just 9 seasons in and this season he’s already on a roll with consecutive seasons of home run records.
A lot of commendable things can be said about Pujols. Quite often sportscasters comment that he’s like the “anti-Manny Ramirez,” in that even though Manny can be a joy to watch and is very talented, he’s also very moody and if he hits the ball and doesn’t think it’s good enough, he won’t do more than a casual half-effort sprint in the direction of first base. Pujols, on the other hand, runs at full throttle the minute the ball leaves the bat regardless of how he feels it may land. He is that player that always gives it his all. Last season injury hampered much of his performance, so here’s hoping he stays healthy and safe, aiding the Cardinals in what very well could be their year.
It’s also worth mentioning that Pujols is a standout amidst the sports stars of the modern day in his off-the-field contributions to the community. He launched the “Pujols Family Foundation,” which helps families of children with Down Syndrome. He also does much work in combating poverty in the Dominican Republic.
Of course it’s not all just on Pujols. I think with a great Chris Carpenter back at the mound to pitch, there are simply numerous chances all around to show tremendous performances team wide.

So that’s my two bits about a tremendous Saturday game played by the Cardinals and especially the performance of the best player in MLB today, Albert Pujols.

Next up, I’ve got two articles in the works for this site. The first is “Guns, God, Government” about recent news articles and segments about gun control and the like as well as the 2nd Amendment battles. The second article is “Theistic Interpretations,” a look at Deism, Theism, Pantheism, Panentheism and Atheism.


One Response to “Yet More Proof that Albert Pujols is the Man”

  1. Will said

    Did you see that home run that he hit of Dukes yesterday? Dead center field off the wall. How far was that Albert Pujols
    blast? 450ft?

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