MLB is Back, Let the Real Game Begin!

April 11, 2009


Major League Baseball is back. Yeah, for me I’m “forget March Madness, the real Game starts in April.” Baseball looks to be fun in 2009.

I’m a Cardinals fan, and St. Louis at least managed to split their first series of the year, with Cardinals pitcher Chris Carpenter back, healthy and pitching an almost perfect set on Thursday afternoon aiding in a victory against the Pirates. Here’s hoping that Cards manager Tony La Russa leads the boys to a stellar season, with Carpenter pitching perfect and Pujols hitting them out of the park. I can hope for the World Series and enjoy it regardless.

Of course the Cards aren’t the only story. We’ve got the Yankees starting out this year with the hopes of breaking their dry spell, going the longest they’ve gone without a trip to the Series in what seems like forever. So they’ve pumped as much money as they can (and been called on it admittedly) into snatching up some key free agents. In a soft economy we’ll see if those millions for both new players and a new stadium pays off for them.

Of course we had opening night with last years champs, The Phillies, losing to the Braves. They went on to lose again yet regained some cred by winning a well played game on the night they were awarded their championship rings.

Then there’s Manny Ramirez starting off his first full year in LA. Will he give us (and the Dodgers) a nice season?
Sadly, the worst baseball related story of the year so far comes out of LA as well, with Angels rookie pitcher Nick Adenhart losing his life in a car wreck Thursday morning. He had given a tremendous performance the night before and it’s sad to see such a young player with so much promise lose his life when he was just getting started.

Well, the season’s underway and baseball fans have about 5 months worth of action  to look forward to. Whether your team wins or loses (statistics show even the best teams lose more than they win), enjoy the show. I’ll follow key events that interest me on this site, but I’m far from an expert…just a fan. I love baseball like I love jazz, they’re both things that I’ve grown to appreciate more over the years, both are things that for me result in the most satisfaction when you invest yourself in the knowledge of them—the history, the great players and parks of the past and the present, the subtleties and quiet moments that fall between the more explosive ones. They’re both great American art-forms that carry the weight of past generations and develop in new ways each time their performed.
So play ball.


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