Is Change too much to ask for, Mitch?

February 5, 2009


Thank you so much, Kentucky. I say this because every time someone on the news says that certain Republicans are slowing down and grinding Obama’s stimulus package to a halt they zoom in on Mitch McConnell’s face. Of course I realize not all Kentuckians were misguided enough to keep Mc in for yet another term–I currently live in Kentucky and voted against Mitch in Novemeber and thought he had been in the senate too obscenely long years ago.
One of the things Obama trimmed from his stimulus proposal early on to try and appease the Republicans was a provision for increased distribution of birth control. It’ s sad that this is something the GOP wanted cut. Aren’t they vehemently opposed to abortion, welfare and single mothers? Wouldn’t birth control being more readily available to those that cannot afford it work in the reduction of such things?
Anyway, Obama’s been trying to get this stimulus package off the ground and the GOP will not give him a break.
The thing they keep insisting be added in much more abundance to the bill are further tax cuts for the wealthier percentage of the population and the more profitable businesses. In short, the GOP’s idea of economic stimulus is the same as it has always been- Trickle Down Economics. Obama proudly stated yesterday when pressed on giving these breaks yet again that “That’s not what the American voters voted for.” Good. It isn’t what we voted for and it is not what we expect from Obama. Trickle Down Economics have never worked, not when Reagen used them or when either Bush used them.

FDR accomplished great things and ushered in sweeping reform, evolving this nation and saving it from its economic bleakness. He did this because he had a clear vision and plan, this country was in desperate need, and as a result senate, congress and the American public gave him full support and unheard of power to institute his plans. As a result programs that still benefit us greatly were implemented and this country emerged from its depression.

Now it’s 2009. Obama has consistently reached out for GOP support and made concessions yet Republicans have repeatidly refused to budge and have instead stubbornly clung to economic plans and political ideals that are ignorant, dangerous, greedy and illogical. Clinton had to clean up Reagen and HW’s voodoo economics and now Obama has to clean up W’s catastrophe and is finding very little bipartisan support.

Pass the bill and pass it soon. We voted against the GOP’s tired and useless “Greed is Good” mentality in the hopes of progressive politics. Fall in line, Mitch and team.

Okay, maybe now I can move on to working on and posting the articles I have been planning. Two religious themed ones are coming up soon, the first is “Two Christs, Multiple Christianities,” the other is “Why I Don’t Believe in the Same God as John Piper.”


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