July 24, 2008

Okay, so I know every chump with a home computer feels qualified to blog about politics, all the while feeling like an expert sharing excellent opinions with the masses. I have absolutely nothing to prove by this particular blog, but I feel like sharing a few obvious things I feel strongly about in relation to the political landscape surrounding us today.

1)Universal Health Care– This is quite possibly the most important political issue today. This affects life in America in almost every facet. After John Edwards made his political exit, no one else has sufficiently addressed this in their campaign, other than in passing. This is something that needs to be done now. We have the resources. We have the intelligence and the ability. We are pretty much the only industrialized wealthy country without some form of universal health care. What kind of nation can we be when we turn down our sick and poor, we leave them to suffer when we have the ability to care for them and ease their pain? Even the working class is neglected, insurance costs are astronomical, and health care in America grows increasingly sub-par. I have never heard a decent argument against universal health care, most negative comments tend to be along the lines of “This is America, I don’t want the government in charge of my healthcare,” etc. “I don’t want socialism,” others say, and as Michael Moore pointed out long before me in his film Sicko, don’t go to the post office, the library, or ever call the fire department if you don’t believe the government should aid in helping you in any form. Doctor’s would still make a living, life expectancy would increase, quality of life would magnify and the average family would notice a significant amount more of personal wealth. Less bankruptcy and poverty would be nice, considering that a huge percentage of these problems occur due to medical bills.

2) Emphasis on Electric Cars: Okay, come on. With gas over 4 dollars a gallon and pollution causing the damage that it is, how is this not a bigger issue. Anyone who’s seen Who Killed the Electric Car? can tell you how cool some of the plug in models that were on the road for a couple of years looked, and the owners of those vehicles clamored to keep them only to have the car companies seize the cars back and crush them. We have the technology to build efficient vehicles that do not require gasoline. It needs to happen.

3) Drug Law Reform- This one is yet another a ridiculous issue. Billions are wasted in the “War on Drugs.” Thousands upon thousands of people are incarcerated for over-inflated periods of time for minor drug offenses. Let’s stop filling our prisons with people involved in the buying, selling and use of minor drugs like Marijuana. How many government funded studies have to show up to different presidents finding very little overall harm and recommending the decriminalisation of marijuana before it finally happens? Legalize it, tax it, and use that money for these other important matters (electric cars and universal health care, perhaps?)

4) Get the government out of Marriage, Out of Morality: Homosexual couples want to marry? Is that really the business of any straight person or any government agency? Heck, polygamists want to marry more than one wife? As long as all participants are of legal age, willing and ready, who cares and why should the government be involved anyway?

5) Free Education: At least investigate what’s going on with these student loan companies a little better. There is no reason education should cost as much as it does in this country. Let everyone have an equal chance at getting an education without coming out saddled with more debt than they can afford to pay off in a lifetime of working.

6)Bust up Monopolies: I mean, look what happened with Standard Oil and Trust decades ago. Why do companies like Wal Mart seem to get a pass on their cornering of the market, complete with all the damage they do to the communities they are located in, the way they treat their employees and abuse the system in practically every way they can. An look at all major oil companies, even with gas obscenely high their CEOs pull in more per second than most of us can make in a lifetime.

7) Withdrawal of Troops from Occupied Countries around the world–There are lots of military men and women scattered around in countries they should have long been out of. I’m not saying we shouldn’t have any military personnel anywhere in the world, but there are some places they need to be out of by now. This would increase the money our country had to work with to implement some of the above-mentioned policies.

8) End the Bush tax cuts– If you make more than 100,000 a year as an individual, it won’t hurt you to pay a little more percentage wise in your taxes than someone making only 15,000. You’ll still have a lot more left over than they can ever hope for.

These are just a few things I find myself scratching my head over. Obviously a lot of these could result in higher taxes for some people, but they would also level the playing field a bit and restore and almost completely gone middle class.  I’ve heard all of the arguments against these points you can possibly think of, and occassionally the other side has valid points with intelligent argument, but never enough to convince me. I feel that if these issues were correctly addressed and policies around them were correctly implemented, the good would far outweigh the bad, and that people in this country would have a better chance at finding the “American Dream” before it’s too late.


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